Project Description

We persuaded a well known Polish insurance company to choose Umbria as their destination, promising them an unforgettable experience.
They were not disappointed.

With the help of local authorities, a medieval market was rebuilt with shops and craftsmen at work. The high point of the event was the historical medieval re-enactment with themed dinner, an exciting moment of aggregation with the locals, all together for a journey back in time.

We took care of the organization of sports and activities, with the bravest experiencing paragliding, whilst others preferred canyoning. Some adventurous guests wanted to try the obstacle course situated amongst the walnut trees, others, wanting to keep their feet firmly on the ground, preferred to try their hand at archery.

The common denominator of all the activities chosen was the contact with unspoiled nature in this small but rich Italian region.

We could not miss the opportunity of a chocolate course at the famous Perugina Chocolate school, flagship of the Umbrian region. The clients enjoyed this initiative very much and left the school with the famous Perugina chocolate “Baci” made with their own hands. It was certainly a “sweet”experience.

The grand finale was a dinner event in an atmospheric location, where a mix of sculpture and architecture in a breathtaking landscape leaves you with the impression of nature, architecture, sculpture and food and wine speaking to one another in perfect harmony

We succeeded in our quest to give our guests four days of intense experiences and emotions in a destination to be found far from the mass tourism trail.
Mission accomplished!

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