Project Description

n. 45 TOP Manager of a Polish company – all men – asked us to propose a destination in Italy, during first week of September …… too easy, how could we not propose Milan / Monza and made them experience the atmosphere of the Formula 1 Grand Prix?

It was a weekend full of emotions… they admired Milan from the terraces of the Cathedral which cover an area of 8000 square meters, the largest roof of a Gothic Cathedral in the whole world with a height of 65-70 meters. Guests were also able to visit exclusively San Siro Stadium, enter the changing rooms and sit on the sideline benches of the pitch.
And then the big day! The day of the Grand Prix: guests enjoyed watching the race from the central grandstand, experienced the roar of the engines, the cheering of the fans, the colors, the adrenaline, an unique experience. And finally, Gala dinner and disco in a trendy VIP club in Milan, where guests were able to meet some Formula One champions!
The result of the Grand Prix saw the Ferrari team first on the podium but, with can proudly say that we too were winners.
Upon their departure, we received the clients’ compliments; all guests were wearing a Ferrari T-shirt that we gave them as a surprise present.

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