Project Description

…As Anita Ekberg embraced “Marcello Mastroianni” in the Trevi Fountain, Rome, the home of La Dolce Vita, welcomed our Brazilian guests with open arms, inviting them to discover this wonderful city.

Riding vintage Vespas through traffic, walking through the alleys and squares with a famous chef until they reached the market at Campo Dè Fiori. Shopping, cooking together and having lunch on the terrace of the chef’s home/studio, overlooking the famous rooftops of Rome and ending with a gala dinner in a fabulous private palace. The patron, belonging to one of the oldest Roman noble families, entertained guests with historical stories and anecdotes.

There was also a surprise in store for our clients… they travelled to the private palace aboard vintage VW minibuses!

An event that included culture, fun, surprise and exclusivity, creating lasting memories that we hope will be kept as a treasured souvenir of Rome, the Eternal City.

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