Project Description

Naples, Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, undisputed jewels of the splendid Campania region served as a background to the trip of an important Hungarian financial company.

We entertained our guests with rides on quads in the splendid Bosco di Monte Faito, they sailed along the coast all the way to Capri on board of a gulet, they picked lemons in a lemon house on the Amalfi Coast and we made Limoncello themselves! Finally, they had the experience of riding on iconic Vespas through the streets of Capri.
We also gave them a flavor of culture with a visit to the excavations of Pompeii and wanted to remark the beauty of this peerless UNESCO archaeological site, by organizing a surprise for them, a picnic in the vineyard within the site.
In the evening we said goodbye to our guests with an exciting Gala dinner in the Palestra Grande degli Scavi in Pompeii!
We are proud to have passed to our guests, thanks to all the activities organized for them, the love for this wonderful land.

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