Project Description

A two-day event that saw 300 hair-stylists from all over the Italian peninsula meet in the beautiful setting of Romagna, and more precisely, in Milano Marittima.
It is no coincidence that Milano Marittima was chosen as the destination for this big event, since it has always been the cradle and promoter of new trends.
Our work focused on the selection and management of the location and all logistical aspects for the 300 participants.
The first day saw a real show come to life to launch new products and new hairstyles.
We took care of the administrative organization of the participants and all the logistical aspects from the fittings, to the hotel reservations, to the technical part of the event, up to the support staff.
To crown the day of the show we arranged a special dinner in an exclusive restaurant and after dinner at the Pineta Luxury Hall – the perfect end to a day of glamour.
On the second day we organized workshops which saw all participants as protagonists in the creation of new trendy hairstyles.
With this event we were able to transform a simple meeting room into a large beauty centre.
An event in the name of innovation, fashion and trends in the hairstyling sector… nothing was missing!

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