Project Description

Latin America in Sardinia!
An explosive event that featured the managers of the same company but divided between Brazil and Argentina.
There were many activities that the 25 guests participated in, in order to deepen their knowledge, study and integration.

We put their skills to the test through activities specifically designed for them:
With an interesting painting competition we managed to uncover their artistic skills. This was accompanied by a wine tasting in one of the most beautiful estates in Gallura.
Their collaboration skills were strengthened thanks to our organization of a wonderful sailing regatta in the breath-taking scenery of the Maddalena archipelago. A very successful team building exercise.

We invited them to explore their emotions in front of an exhibition of the most evocative Sardinian masks.
Included in the program, was a playful team building activity, a combination of tradition and history, with a jeep tour dedicated to the discovery of the deepest hinterland, immersed in nature, natural springs and legends of the most dangerous Sardinian bandits.
By the time they left, they were deeply moved by their experiences. A real success for their company!

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